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In the world of smart lighting, there is a huge price disparity between simple and more complex technologies. In the Australian market, there is a significant focus on energy efficient lighting solutions however, smart lighting solutions do not yet offer a convincing value proposition. There are two main issues that make it increasingly difficult to deliver viable ‘smart lighting’ solutions:

  1. The technology behind smart lighting solutions is extremely complex
  2. The true value proposition of smart lighting is still unclear


Making Smart Lighting Simple

At Echo Group, we take a holistic approach to product development and consider the experience of all stakeholders including, electricians, engineers, wholesalers, sales teams and end users.

This was particularly important when designing our latest smart lighting solution, the IntelliSense intelligent sensor kit.

IntelliSense is bolt-on and plug-and-play. The kit fits most Highbays on the market, is attached with one bolt and installed in 1 minute 27 seconds (yes, we had a competition and timed it!). The inconspicuous colour makes the sensor barely noticeable when installed. There is also a remote control for changing the settings easily, avoiding scissor lift expenses post-installation.

IntelliSense is packaged individually and can easily be stocked, sold and managed independent to Highbays. This streamlines pricing and the cost of install.

At the end of the day we have a ‘bolt on brain’ that achieves an ROI typically between 1-2 years for a 150W Highbay.

A Better Value Proposition

With a plug-and-play kit that bolts onto each Highbay, a value proposition is easy to articulate. The motion sensing and daylight harvesting technology reduces energy consumption by up to an additional 80%. Once installed:

  • Highbays look after themselves, no need to switch them on/off at the start or end of the day.
  • Highbays produce exactly the amount of light you need, when you need it.
  • Motion sensing and daylight harvesting technology works like magic.


Smart lighting solutions need to meet broad market needs, with an audience ranging from electricians to engineers and beyond. The Echo Group product development team aim to deliver products that are versatile and most importantly, add value for all stakeholders.

To find out more about Echo Group’s IntelliSense, contact us today.

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