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Making Smart Lighting Simple | Proving ROI | 2 of 3

Our New Product Development Team know that the best way to prove return on investment for a new technology is with case studies.

Through the installation of IntelliSense at a number of pilot sites, we have been able to establish the following:

The situation - LED Highbays already installed

Site description Warehouse 5,000hrs lighting usage per annum
Existing light fittings 150W ZETTA LED Highbays
Energy cost per annum $150 per Highbay at 20c/kWh


The solution - Add IntelliSense

Energy cost per annum with IntelliSense $75 per Highbay (saving 50%!)
Payback of IntelliSense 1.23 years
ROI on IntelliSense 82%


The savings achieved by adding sensors to LED highbay lights are undeniable. Any business seeking to maximise their savings are certainly encouraged to consider sensor technology.


If you're still not convinced...

IntelliSense Features & Benefits

  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • 82% ROI, improving project payback
  • Ready to install in <5 minutes
  • 100% bolt-on


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