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Where focus goes, energy flows | OPTIMA MOD LED Retail Light

This month, our OPTIMA MOD LED retail light is being featured by Circuit Magazine.

With its 3D gimbaled iris and multi-zone illumination technology, littil’s OPTIMA MOD gives retailers the ability to optimise key areas and give products the prominence they need. Easily modify the focus zone and discover how illumination can increase sales and store traffic.

This high powered, modular downlight is perfect for centre display benches, broad retail spaces and display shelving.

Littil LED OPTIMA MOD 30W (1)
The OPTIMA MOD range is a quality cob led with high efficacy and features and benefits including:
  • CoolTech 500gm aluminium heat sink for excellent thermal performance
  • 3D gimbal technology - 360 degree gimbal adjustable into 3 different directions
  • 5-year warranty
  • 30W, 60W and 90W options


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 Littil LED OPTIMA MOD 60W (1)


optimise your retail space with THE optima mod RANGE


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