Product Launch: FORTIS T8 LED Tubes

littil is excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the NEW FORTIS T8 LED Tube.

Our FORTIS LED Tubes are direct replacements for energy consuming T8 35W fluorescent tubes. They are ideal for offices, industrial spaces, clear span retail environments, classrooms and more.


  • Hongli SMD light source
  • Single end wired
  • Internal & external HRC compliant fuses for double protection and next level quality assurance
  • Colour consistency SDCM: 80
  • AS/NZS 60598.1 & 60598.2.1 compliant
  • Power Factor 0.95
  • CoolTech technology for operating temperatures 20 degrees cooler than closest competition
  • Available in 9W, 15W, 18W and 22W in clear and frosted lenses


Exclusively, our FORTIS LED Tubes come with a 5-year warranty and lifetime of 50,000hrs. With our significantly lower operating temperatures, our products last up to x4 longer!
Our FORTIS LED Tubes are designed and engineered in Australia to ensure the highest standards.

With an influx of ‘free’ products in the marketplace, ensure that your lights are complaint under Australian law. If you are concerned that you are being sold an LED product that does not meet Australian safety and compliance standards, our in-house electrical engineers would be happy to test the product free of charge and offer an opinion on the product in question.

Specification Sheet: FORTIS T8 Tubes littil LED lights

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