Product Spotlight: littil LED ARGO Corn Light

This week, the product spotlight is on our ARGO LED Corn Light

Our quality, high lumen output LED Corn Lights are the most cost effective alternative to replacing entire high bay fixtures.

• Engineered to meet strict Australian Standards and manufactured exclusively for littil
• A direct replacement option for 50W to 500W Mercury Vapour and Metal Halide globes
• Combine the proven resilience and reliability of old high bay fixtures with the latest LED technology
• Do not compromise on quality

Our LED Corn Light will reduce your energy usage by 63% while providing identical lux levels and light dispersion compared to traditional metal halide lights.
Our LED Corn Lights are VEEC & ESC approved, meet all Australian compliance standards and allow you to access the largest state government rebates available. They are also compliant with tenant lease agreement terms.

Our LED Corn Lights are 200% cheaper than LED High Bay* alternatives due to their eligibility for VEEC and ESC rebates, making them one of the most cost effective LED products on the market.

Our LED Corn Lights utilise the proven reliability and trustworthiness of traditional high bay fittings, while significantly upgrading the technology with state of the art LEDs.

Case Study: Modern Baking installed over 240 littil LED Corn Lights and are now enjoying savings of over $70,000 per annum!
Case Study: Sahara Logistics installed over 250 littil LED Corn Lights and are now enjoying savings of over $50,000 per annum!

littil = innovation
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