Unilumin Australia Launch | FIN Street and Area Lighting Range

littil is excited to announce its distributorship agreement with Unilumin.

littil are one of Australia’s leading wholesale suppliers and innovators of LED lighting. littil is committed to offering:

  • the best in design ingenuity
  • highest quality across our full product range
  • off the rack and customised lighting solutions


Unilumin are one of the largest suppliers of street lighting in the Asia Pacific region, with 85km of installed street lighting in Shenzhen alone. Unilumin have also installed the FIN streetlight in high-tech countries such as Sweden and Isreal (both countries that experience extreme weather conditions). Unilumin have a large R&D and engineering team and have spent over 10 years in research and development with 60 different kinds of testing devices, making them the only nationally accredited lab in China’s LED industry.

Our littil energy efficient FIN LED street and area lighting range is manufactured by Unilumin and has been tested by our in-house engineers and a NATA accredited Australian test laboratory and accredited to all Australian street lighting standards. They have comprehensive warranties and are engineered to operate in Australia’s extreme temperatures for +10 years with top quality materials and components includign Samsung chips and Philips Xitanium drivers.

You can be rest assured that our littil FIN street and area lighting range uses leading edge, and proven, technology including precision dimming, pro-vision, pro-colour, cooltech, flexitech and nanotech.

View the product range here.

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